Structure of OMLC

Consortium Chair:At the last meeting in the spring, The Consortium membership will elect a chair, or co-chairs, for the coming year. The chair(s) will convene and facilitate all meetings and activities for the following school year. The Consortium Chair(s) will represent or cause to be represented, The Consortium in the activities related to the organization
Secretary: The Secretary will keep minutes of all meetings, and will maintain archival materials. Said minutes will be emailed to all participants and members in a timely fashion.
Treasurer: The Treasurer will collect, document, and distribute monies as appropriate. A report will be given at each meeting.
Meeting Host: The representative(s) from the host location will serve as the host for the meeting. This responsibility will include:

  • Room and amenity arrangements
  • Sending a timely reminder for the meeting, including directions, parking arrangements, etc.

Meetings: Regular meetings will be scheduled three times per year (generally fall, winter, and spring). Meeting dates and locations will be developed at the last meeting of the year for the upcoming year.

Additional meetings may be called as needed. These dates and locations will be determined as needed.